Kevin Murphy

Kevin Murphy Rough Rider 100g Strong Hold Matt Clay


Stand out in the crowd and turn heads with this unique and powerful styling hair paste.

A strong-hold styling clay that helps give hair soft texture and definition with a slick matte finish, perfect for gentlemen with thick and stubborn hair. We also designed this with you in mind to lock down your cuticle to create a more natural-looking shine. Infused with soya bean extracts and golden bamboo, the antioxidant-rich formula helps seal the ends of hair, adds hydration, and provides additional strength. 

Key benefits

Creates a slick, matte defined finish

This unique product can be used on all hair types and a variety of lengths to deliver a roughed-up and a matte, slick look

Provides stronghold
Strengthen and seals rough ends with help from being enriched with A natural wax, secreted by Honey Bees, Beeswax(Cera Alba) helps create definition and allows for the molding and setting of the hair. Known to seal in moisture it also helps prevent hair breakage so is suitable for outdoors.

Strength & Endurance 

This product has a stronghold and able to last for the whole day, slightly stronger than most out in the market. This is especially great for men who perspire a lot and wants a product that holds very well.

Vegan friendly
The infused essences of Boronia, Grapefruit, and Tangerine make this a masculine scent with citrus notes to keep it clean and fresh. Grapefruit contains high levels of natural Vitamins C and E to provide beneficial repair for oily skin and hair

  • Sulfate, paraben, and cruelty-free.

Packed with an abundance of antioxidant and vitamin goodness, Bamboo Extract is also a rich source of mineral nourishment, and a key ingredient to help protect the integrity of hair health.

Made up of 89% Silica, Diatomaceous Earth is used to support stronger, healthier-looking hair.

Used in fragrance and cosmetics for centuries, Patchouli Oil helps to balance the hair and the scalp.


It is quite an easy process, especially for damp hair. Just grab a small portion (5 cent coin size) on the finger and rub between palms, and style on hair. Your hair might feel dry and slightly sandy but the hold is magnificent.